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Copy Drawing and Remove Links to Database

The Copy Drawing and Remove Links to Database command is used to make a copy of a drawing and remove all of the links between the Design Master Photometrics entities on the drawing and the database. The appearance of the drawing will not change. All entities on the drawing will remain. However, they will be converted to standard CAD entities and their connection to the database will be removed.

To copy a drawing and remove all of the links to the database, go to
Ribbon: DM Photometrics→Utilities→  →Copy Drawing and Remove Links to Database
Pulldown Menu: DM Photometrics→Utilities→Copy Drawing and Remove Links to Database

Save Drawing as Dialog Box

Select a location for the copy, enter a file name, and press the button. A copy of the current drawing will be made using the new name. All of the Design Master Photometrics links to the project database will be removed.

The project database will not be modified during this command.