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Layer Management

This section describes the commands available to help you manage your layers. The commands will turn on and off the construction layers that are typically set to not plot. Turning the layers off will allow you to view the drawing as it will appear when plotted. Turning the layers on will allow you to continue to work on your design.

The following items will have their layers modified by these commands:

  • Calculation Areas and Lines
  • Masks
  • Solids
  • Light Fixture Overlays

All of the layers created and used are standard CAD layers and can be managed using standard CAD commands. These commands are included for your convenience, but are not necessary. Everything you can do with these commands can be done with standard CAD commands.

These command specifically change the On setting for the layers, toggling them between On and Off. The Freeze setting for the layers is not changed.

If you run these commands while in a paper space viewport, the VP Freeze setting will be changed also. You can use this feature to freeze these construction lines in the viewport you will use for plotting, then thaw the layers in model space.