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Insert Solid: Shape

The Insert Solid: Shape command is used to insert solids that are closed but not rectangular. If the Starting Elevation is 0, any illuminance levels inside the shape will not be printed. Most solid objects will be inserted using this command, as most buildings and other objects on your plans will require a non-rectangular shape.

To define a solid shape, go to
Ribbon: DM Photometrics→Solids→  Shape
Pulldown Menu: DM Photometrics→Insert Solid: Shape

Insert Solid: Shape Dialog Box

See the Common Solids Information section for more information about the values in this dialog box.

Enter the relevant information into the dialog box and press the button. You will be prompted to draw the solid shape on the drawing.

Specify first point of solid shape:

You will then be prompted to specify the next point of the solid.

Specify next point:

Specify additional points or press ENTER to complete the shape. The solid shape will be displayed on the drawing and included in the photometric calculations.