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Photometrics Overview

This training video provides an overview of how Design Master Photometrics works.

We look at the following topics for photometrics, which are marked in the video timeline:

  • Creating light fixtures using the Light Fixture Project Schedule command
  • Inserting light fixtures on the drawing
  • Using and configuring the Insert Calculation Area and Calculate commands
  • Inserting photometric solids
  • Modifying light fixtures and solids using the Query command
  • Grouping calculation areas and schedules
  • Inserting sloped calculation areas
  • Excluding areas from being calculated using the Insert Mask command
  • The Aim Light Fixture command
  • Duplicating light fixtures using the Array commands
  • Creating light fixtures with multiple heads

    This workflow was made obsolete in version 1.2. See the New Features in Photometrics 1.2 article for more information.