Saving Your Work

Save Your Drawings; Do Not Close without Saving

When working with Design Master Photometrics, it is important to save your drawings after making any changes. Do not close your drawings without saving.

Design Master Database File

Working with drawings using Design Master Photometrics is a little different than working with just a CAD drawing. Any changes you make using the Design Master Photometrics commands change both the drawing and the database. The changes to the database are made immediately. The changes to the drawing are made when you save the drawing.

If you close a drawing without saving, you can have changes in the database that are not on the drawing. That's bad.

Recovering When a Drawing is Closed with Saving

If a drawing is closed without saving (for example, your CAD program crashes), run the DM Photometrics->Utilities->Coordinate Drawings and Database command. The command will look at the drawing and the database and make them match. See the Coordinate Drawings and Database section of the user manual for more information about this command.

Anything that is added to the drawing will be marked with a line. You can erase the lines manually or use the DM Photometrics->Utilities->Erase Coordination Lines command to remove them all. The fixtures that are added should be modified using standard commands. Erase them if you don't need them, move them if they are not in the right spot, or leave them be if they are correct.

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