Inserting Solids

This section teaches you how to insert solids on the drawing.

Solids are used to represent objects that will block light. In this tutorial, the building is the only object that will be inserted as as solid. In future projects, you can use solids to model other objects, such as overhangs and trees.

Open drawing e-site in the 05 Inserting Solids folder, or continue to use the drawing you were working on in the last tutorial section.

1.Run the Insert Solid: Shape command. The Insert Solid: Shape dialog box will open.

Ribbon: DM Photometrics->Solids-> dm_photo-photoshape Insert Solid: Shape

Pulldown Menu: DM Photometrics->Insert Solid: Shape

2.Make sure that Starting Elevation is set to 0, Ending Elevation is set to 20, and Reflectance is set to 0.5.
3.Press the OK button.
4.You will be prompted to specify the boundary of the solid. Insert the boundary surrounding the building as shown below.

Insert Solid Shape drawing

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