Inserting a Calculation Area

This section teaches you how to insert a calculation area on your drawing. The calculation area defines where foot-candle levels will be calculated on the drawing

Open drawing e-site in the 04 Inserting a Calculation Area folder, or continue to use the drawing you were working on in the last tutorial section.

1.Run the Insert Calculation Area command. The Insert Calculation Area dialog box will open.

Ribbon: DM Photometrics->Calculation Areas-> dm_photo-photoboundary Insert Calculation Area

Pulldown Menu: DM Photometrics->Insert Calculation Area

2.Make sure the Override Schedule Title is not checked, Grid Spacing is set to 10 and Calculation Elevation is set to 0.


3.Press the OK button.
4.You will be prompted to specify the boundary of the calculation area. Insert the boundary surrounding the parking lot as shown below.

Insert Calculation Area drawing

5.Next you will be prompted to insert the calculation schedule for the area. Insert it to the right of the area as shown below.

Insert Calculation Area drawing 2

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