Creating Light Fixtures

This section teaches you how to create light fixture types in your schedule.

Each project contains a light fixture schedule. When you insert a light fixture on your drawing, you must choose a type from your schedule. Before you can insert a light fixture, you must first define at least one type in your schedule.

Open drawing e-site in the 02 Creating Light Fixtures folder, or continue to use the drawing you were working on in the last tutorial section.

1.Run the Light Fixture Project Schedule command. The Light Fixture Project Schedule dialog box will open.

Ribbon: DM Photometrics->Schedule-> dm_photo-ltgPS Light Fixture Project Schedule

Pulldown Menu: DM Photometrics->Light Fixture Project Schedule


2.Press the New button. The New dialog box will open.
3.Set New Light Fixture Callout to W and press the OK button. A new light fixture type called W will be created in the schedule. All of the information for the light fixture type will be set to default values.
4.Press the Select Block button to change the block that will be displayed on the drawing when you insert this light fixture.
5.Choose the Round Wall Mounted (Small) block from the Select Light Fixture Block dialog box.
6.Press the OK button.

The graphic displayed in the dialog box and the Description and Block Name labels will be updated.


Next, you will identify the IES file associated with this fixture. The IES file defines the light output for the light fixture. These files are required to calculate the foot-candle levels. We have included IES files for use in this project. For future projects, you will need to obtain these from the light fixture manufacturer's website.

1.Press the Select IES File button. The Select IES File dialog box will open.


2.Select the wall-mounted-light.ies file and press the Open button. A Design Master Photometrics dialog box will open and ask you to verify that you want to load information from the IES file.
3.Press the Yes button.The IES file will be attached to the light fixture. The photometric calculation information and schedule information will be updated from data stored in the IES file. Once the information is updated from the IES file, you can edit it manually as needed for your project.
If you press the No button in the previous dialog box, the IES file will be attached to the light fixture but the information will not be updated.
4.Set Mounting to Wall.


5.Press the Save button to save your changes to the database.

Create a Second Light Fixture Type

1.Press the New button. Set New Light Fixture Callout to S.
2.Press the Select Block button and select the Single Pole Mounted block.
3.Press the Select IES File button and select the parking-lot-light.ies file.
4.Press the Yes button when asked if you want to load the information from the IES file.
5.Set Mounting to Pole.


6.Press the Save button to save your changes to the database.
7.Press the Exit button to close the dialog box.

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