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Installing an Update

To install an update, download and run the latest installer.

It is necessary to have AutoCAD or BricsCAD closed on the computer you run the installer on.

Select the location you previously installed the software to. The default location will be named Design Master Software. Do not install it to the Admin folder.

None of your existing customization will be overwritten during the update process.

If you have previously had trouble with the standard installer, download and run the limited privileges installer instead:

Update Installs for Multiple Users

Install the update to the same location as where you originally installed Design Master Photometrics.

You do not need to close AutoCAD on the other computers with our software installed.

The next time a user opens a drawing in AutoCAD or BricsCAD, Design Master Photometrics will be updated automatically. They will be prompted to restart AutoCAD or BricsCAD if necessary.



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