Design Master Photometrics 1.2

Design Master Photometrics 1.2.8

Released April 22, 2024

Design Master Photometrics 1.2.7

Released November 9, 2023

Design Master Photometrics 1.2.6

Released September 12, 2023

Design Master Photometrics 1.2.5

Released March 29, 2023

Design Master Photometrics 1.2.4

Released February 17, 2023

Design Master Photometrics 1.2.3

Released January 9, 2023

Design Master Photometrics 1.2.2

Released November 30, 2022

Design Master Photometrics 1.2.1

Released November 2, 2022

Design Master Photometrics 1.2.0

Released October 24, 2022


Vertical Calculations: Photometric calculation areas can now display vertical illuminance values along the edges of the area. Area calculation schedules can display separate ratios for vertical calculations.

Calculation lines can also include vertical values. Line calculation schedules will include vertical calculations when enabled.

Create Areas Using Existing Polylines: When drawing a new calculation area or line, you can now specify an existing polyline on the drawing, which the software will trace.

Multiple Heads on Light Fixtures: Using the new Number of Heads field in the light fixture schedule, you can specify the head configuration for a fixture. This feature lets you accurately represent your multiple-headed light fixtures without inserting multiple blocks on the drawing.

New pole-mounted light fixture blocks have been added to the default customization for use with this new setting.

Metric Units: Photometric calculations can now be displayed in foot-candles or lux. The base unit can now be based upon meters, centimeters, or millimeters, in addition to feet or inches.

The new Project is metric setting in the Options command allows you to specify lengths and distances—such as arm length, elevation, and calculation grid spacing—using meters rather than feet.

New standards databases have been added to the software to make it easy to configure new projects for different base units and measurement systems.

New Grid Settings: When querying calculation areas, you can now use the Set Grid Origin and Set Grid Angle buttons to better control where illuminance values appear in your calculation areas.

Recalculate After Query: A Recalculate Illuminance Levels checkbox has been added to the query calculation area or line dialog box. When this box is checked, the queried calculation area or line will automatically recalculate when you press the OK button.

Light Fixture Elevation Labels: The new Insert Elevation Label command allows for easy notation of the elevation of light fixtures on your drawing, which will update if the elevation changes. New settings in the Options command can be used to customize the appearance of the labels.

Options Command Redesign: New categories have been added to the Options dialog box to accommodate settings for new features and make it easier to locate the settings you want to change.

Set Default Standards Database: You can now set a default standards database in the Manage Standards Database command. When starting new projects, the specified standards will be selected by default (but can still be changed).

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