Design Master Photometrics 1.1

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.38

Released September 19, 2022

Fixed crash when using a specific layer for photometric contours.
Fixed error when starting a new project related to loading schedule settings.
Fixed errors in BricsCAD related to selecting folders.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.37

Released March 29, 2022

Added support for AutoCAD 2023.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.36

Released February 24, 2022

Fixed error in photometric calculations that caused foot-candle values to be displayed outside the calculation area boundary.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.35

Released February 8, 2022

Added support for BricsCAD V22.
Dropped support for BricsCAD V19.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.34

Released September 7, 2021

Fixed error in the Highlight Calculation Area Group command.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.33

Released March 23, 2021

Added support for AutoCAD 2022.

Fixed error going to the light fixture schedule from the Edit Multiple Light Fixtures command.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.32

Released November 2, 2020

Added support for BricsCAD V21.
Dropped support for BricsCAD V18.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.31

Released March 25, 2020

Added support for AutoCAD 2021.

Fixed crash when removing a photometric boundary point.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.30

Released October 31, 2019

Added support for BricsCAD V20.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.29

Released October 8, 2019

Fixed the “Insert Mask” command to work correctly with non-world UCSs.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.28

Released September 26, 2019

Changed calculation display to require foot-candle levels or contours to be displayed.

Fixed error starting a new project.

Fixed errors in floating licenses caused by incorrect system configurations.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.27

Released July 9, 2019

Photometric contours can be assigned individual layers.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.26

Released April 22, 2019

Added support for AutoCAD 2020.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.25

Released January 23, 2019

Fixed BricsCAD version to work in 64-bit BricsCAD again.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.24

Released December 13, 2018

Fixed crash in AutoCAD Civil 3D when using the Quick Properties feature.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.23

Released December 10, 2018

Fixed errors with floating licenses.

Added support for BricsCAD v19.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.22

Released October 22, 2018

Improved warning messages that are displayed when there are licensing problems.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.21

Released September 24, 2018

LED IES File Scaling: IES files are used to calculate point-by-point photometrics. Standard IES files include information about the lumens used when creating the IES file. The lumens value in the light fixture schedule can be used together with the IES lumens value to scale the IES file out put.

IES files for LED fixtures typically do not include lumens information. The lack of this information makes it impossible to scale the output based upon the lumens in the light fixture schedule.

There is a new Scale Factor value you can set in the light fixture schedule for these situations. The light output will be multiplied by the scale factor you provide.

Previously you had to set the Lamp Depreciation to a value greater than 1 to workaround this limitation in the IES files.

Average Foot-candle Uniformity Ratios: The photometric schedule can include three new uniformity ratios, average foot-candles to maximum foot-candles, maximum foot-candles to average foot-candles, and minimum foot-candles to average foot-candles.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.20

Released January 25, 2018

Added support for BricsCAD V18

Added support for ribbons in BricsCAD

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.19

Released September 19, 2017

Fixed error in “Insert Light Fixture Project Schedule” that caused the schedule to not be automatically inserted at the current location.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.18

Released March 21, 2017

Added support for AutoCAD 2018.

Fixed update of files when using a network install with BricsCAD.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.17

Released August 3, 2016

Improved error messages when foot-candle levels are 0 to provide better suggestions for fixing the problem.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.16

Released June 9, 2016

Added Array Light Fixture commands.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.15

Released March 21, 2016

Added support for AutoCAD 2017.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.14

Released March 14, 2016

Added support for BricsCAD V16.
Dropped support for BricsCAD V15.

Dropped support for changes and improvements on AutoCAD 2004, 2005, and 2006.

Design Master Photometrics 1.1.0

Released April, 2014



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