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Case Studies

Proven lighting design success with civil engineers and landscape architects around the country

City of Hagerstown Maryland’s Light Department

“Design Master Photometrics is very economical to own and pays for itself over and over in terms of time saved.”
–Jason M. Bachtell, HLD’s Staff/Electrical Engineer

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PVE Sheffler

“Design Master Photometrics saves us significant time and streamlines our overall workflow versus outsourcing the lighting designs.”
–Gabrielle Bovard, Architectural Designer

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John J. Murphy, Jr.

“This product will save you time and money every time you use it, and make it easy to deal with changes.”
–John J. Murphy, Jr., PE

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Jeremy S. Fields, PE

Appalachia Design Services

“Now I can, within one day, complete a site lighting plan. This has a positive bottom-line impact on the whole job.”
–Jeremy S. Fields, PE

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DeLuca-Hoffman Associates

“All the principals here are very satisfied with the Design Master software; we feel it was a good decision to start doing lighting design ourselves.”
–Robert Woodman, Project Engineer

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Vortex Engineering & Architecture

“We were working in the software within a few hours and producing lighting plans by the end of that first day.”
–Jim Miller, Senior Designer/Project Manager

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