Open Block from Drawing

The Open Block from Drawing command is used to select a block on the drawing and open it in your CAD program. This command is useful when making changes to your customization. To make a change to a block that appears on your drawing, you can select it using this command.

To open a block from the current drawing, go to

Ribbon: DM Photo: Customization->Block Creation->Open Block from Drawing

Pulldown Menu: DM Photometrics->Customization->Block Creation->Open Block from Drawing

You will be prompted to select the block to be opened.

Select block to open:

The drawing that the selected block is based upon will be opened. Use standard CAD commands to make changes to the block.

After changes are made to the block, use the Redefine Block in this Drawing command to update the block definition on the current drawing. Otherwise, none of the changes you made will appear on your drawing.

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