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Design Master Photometrics is an add-in for AutoCAD and BricsCAD that calculates outdoor foot-candle levels. It allows civil engineers and landscape architects to perform their own outdoor site lighting calculations.

Foot-candle Levels: Calculate point-by-point foot-candle levels on your site plan and have them displayed directly on your drawing.

AutoCAD or BricsCAD Based: Work in the familiar AutoCAD or BricsCAD interface, rather than learning an unfamiliar new program.

Uniformity Ratios: Calculate the uniformity ratios required by your local jurisdiction.

Isolines: Display isolines on your drawing to highlight critical foot-candle levels.

Light Fixture Manufacturer Independent: Import IES files from any lighting manufacturer.

Design Changes: Make changes to the design and get immediate feedback on your lighting calculations without waiting for your lighting rep or another consultant.

Light Fixture Schedule: Display a schedule on the drawing of all of the fixtures used in the project.

Buildings, Overhangs, Slopes, and Trees: Model obstructions and different ground elevations to accurately calculate lighting levels.

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