Insert Non-Rotating Text

The Insert Non-Rotating Text command is used to create text that can be included in a custom block that will not rotate when the block is rotated.

Normal CAD text rotates when a block is rotated. If a block is rotated 180 degrees, the text will appear upside-down.

Text created using this command will always be displayed at angle 0. When the block is rotated, the text is rotated back to 0.

To insert non-rotating text on the current drawing, go to

Ribbon: DM Photo: Customization->Block Creation-> dm_photo-blocks-text Insert Non-Rotating Text

Pulldown Menu: DM Photometrics->Customization->Block Creation->Insert Non-Rotating Text

You will be prompted to identify where the non-rotating text is to be inserted on the drawing.

Insertion point for non-rotating text:

The point specified will be the center point for the inserted text. You will then be prompted to enter the text itself.

Text value:

You will then be prompted to specify the height of the text.

Text height:

The text will be inserted on the drawing.

Once the text is inserted, you can modify it using standard CAD commands.

Make sure you select the text when choosing entities to create a block.

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