New Version Available

A new version of Design Master Photometrics is available. You should upgrade at a time that is convenient for you. Try to avoid upgrading the same day you have a big project going out!

You will be prompted for new license information after you install the new version. Send an email to and ask for your new license information. Get your new license information before installing the new version. The software will replace some of your text with purchase reminders if you do not have updated license information.

The latest version is listed at the top of the Change Log page.

To check what version you are currently running, go to DM Photometrics->Help->About.

Installing the Update

Download and run the installer.

Install it to the location to which you previously installed Design Master Photometrics.

Do not check the box that says “Load menus in AutoCAD” because the menus are already installed from the previous version of Design Master Photometrics.

If you have a local installation, it is necessary for AutoCAD to be closed during the update.

If you have a network installation, it is necessary for AutoCAD to be closed on the computer you are running the install on. You do not need to close AutoCAD on the other computers that have Design Master Photometrics installed.

None of your existing customization will be overwritten during the installation process.

Change Log

View the list of changes on this page.