Installing for Multiple Users

This page describes how to install Design Master Photometrics for multiple users.

Install the Software on the Network

The software should be installed on a network folder that all users in the company have access to.

Download and run the latest installer.

Install Components Once on Each Computer

Each computer that is going to run the software needs to have the components installed on it once.

If an update ever requires that this be reinstalled, we will make that clear. Otherwise, you can assume that you do not need to reinstall it when you install an update to our software.

It does not need to be reinstalled if you install a new version of AutoCAD.

Download the component installer from this link:

Configure AutoCAD on Each Computer

Each computer that is to run the software needs to have AutoCAD configured. If you have multiple versions of AutoCAD on your computer, this needs to be done for each version of AutoCAD. To configure AutoCAD:

  1. Open the “install.dwg” file in the “Admin” folder where Design Master is installed. If you are given a warning that the file is in use or read-only, press the Yes button to open the drawing in read-only.
  2. Type APPLOAD at the command line.
  3. Browse to the “Admin” folder.
  4. Select the photo-loadInAutoCAD.vlx file and press the “Load” button.
  5. Press the “Close” button.
  6. You will be asked to select an installation type. Press the “Network” or “Network Laptop” button.
    • Network: Use this when the computer is a desktop connected to the network. The customization files will always be located on the server.
    • Network Laptop: Use this when the computer is a laptop that is disconnected from the network at times. The customization will load from the server when connected to the network and from the local computer when not connected.
  7. You will be asked to configure your installation settings. The default folder locations are provided for you. Press the OK button to finish the configuration.
  8. The first time a command is run on each computer, you will be asked to install your license. Enter the license ID and password we emailed to you and press the Activate button.

Fixing an Incorrect AutoCAD Configuration

If the software is configured incorrectly and needs to be fixed, it is simplest to remove it from AutoCAD and then put it back.

  1. Type APPLOAD at the command line.
  2. Browse to the “Admin” folder where Design Master Photometrics is installed.
  3. Select the “dm-unloadFromAutoCAD.vlx” file and press the “Load” button.
  4. Press the “Close” button.
  5. Restart AutoCAD and confirm that Design Master Photometrics is not being loaded.
  6. Configure AutoCAD as described above.

Installing Updates

To install an update to the software, download the installer using the links in the “Install the Software on the Network” section. Run the installer and install it to the same location on the network.

It is necessary to have AutoCAD closed on the computer you run the installer on. You do not need to close AutoCAD on the other computers with our software installed.

The next time a user opens a drawing in AutoCAD, Design Master Photometrics will be updated automatically. They will be prompted to restart AutoCAD if necessary.

None of your existing customization will be overwritten during the update process.